Cinema Intelligence is a collection of business intelligence solutions for cinema exhibitors, designed to optimize forecasting, planning and scheduling movies and events proven to increase revenues with up to 3%.

Tools for management of the complete lifetime of a movie in a theatre environment



Predict moviegoer attendance per movie, per cinema and play week and analyze location based past movie performance, box office, trends and attendance ...

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Book new releases for multiple sites, using predictive analytics to know what showtime work for every site while compling with distributor requirement ...

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Create automatically daily and weekly showtime schedules optimized to maximize theatre attendance, increase number of shows and minimize idle time An ...

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We design software solutions to help cinema exhibitors harvest and harness every bit of relevant data and use it to make the best decisions. Big data technologies not only support the ability to collect large amounts of data, but more importantly, the ability to understand and take advantage of its full value.

Our software solution manage the complete lifetime of a movie in a theatre environment. From the moment it is announced by the studios to the moment it stops playing in the theatre. Our software tools help exhibitors drive decisions in all of these crucial milestones.

Empower your team members with insights for faster and better programming and scheduling decision making. 

  • Lower management risks and increase competitiveness

    • Understand the behavior of your patrons at each theatre with in-depth statistical analysis tools
    • Generate unbiased estimates of future admissions per film, per location and per day based on automated analysis of past admissions and present trends
    • Improve purchasing, booking, marketing and theatre planning decisions with accurate predictions
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  • Boost productivity

    Up to 80% time savings with integrated tools for business analysis, booking and programming, workflow management, automated notifications, reporting and built-in chat functionality:

    • Eliminate the needs for using excel spread sheets and emails
    • Enhance internal team communication
    • Powerful on-screen reporting with drag and drop interface
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  • Increase revenues

    Up to 3% increase in revenue with predictive analytics and optimized schedules.

    • Generating automatically daily optimized schedules for each theatre
    • Optimize schedules based on revenue instead of admissions
    • Run smarter schedules, predict performance and make real-time adjustments
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“At Pathé we went through the process of centralizing the programming for 161 screens. All show schedules are now created at our headquarters and we are in control and save time. This would not have been possible without a smart tool like Cinema Scheduler.
​With access to large amounts of data, Cinema Scheduler is able to learn from our historical information and propose schedules that are automatically optimized for each day. As experts in programming, my team and I are always in control of the final outcome.
With Cinema Scheduler, Pathé can now maximize the opportunities of the new digital cinema world.”

Daniella Koot,
Director of Programming,
Pathé Theaters BV - Netherlands


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