New Product Innovations Rolled Out at CinemaCon 2018 Dazzle

Cinema Intelligence was excited to announce several major rollouts at CinemaCon 2018. Cinema exhibitors both familiar and new to CI were impressed by recent product integrations and improved capabilities, which were featured at the tradeshow.

Film Manager: CI is now running a complementary integration with Vista’s new web-based film programming application Film Manager. In a user-friendly interface, this new product provides Vista customers with optimized booking, scheduling, and forecasting capabilities powered by CI.

Advanced Booking Functionality: this feature upgrade allows customers to make the best booking decisions based on past film performance, ultimately providing exhibitors with a competitive advantage in negations with distributors. Now customers can boost revenue with CI recommended booking policies to ensure optimal placement of films across all their screens.

OpusData: CI is now integrated with OpusData – the team behind the entertainment analytics website The Numbers – which allows customers to access domestic box office performance figures. Exhibitors can use CI as a one-stop shop to visualize national trends. Our film experts are on hand to decode this data and provide clients Industry Expert Reviews as well as Past Weekend Analysis Reports.

Improved Analytics:  Hungry for more data? CI’s fresh out-of-the-box analytics dashboards provide exhibitors with the ability to slice and dice data to investigate historical data, see real-time trends, and budget smartly for the future.  

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