Microsoft Customer Stories: Cinema Intelligence brings cloud based business intelligence to cinema industry

Cinema Intelligence harvests the power of cloud computing for creating their state-of-the-art big data platform. The company developed Cinema Intelligence, a proprietary solution for the Cinema Industry, on Microsoft Azure Platform as a Service and uses Azure Machine Learning to power deep analytical processes. Thus, Share Dimension succeeded in accelerating product development, processing large amounts of data and expanding its client footprint rapidly from Europe to North America and beyond.

Share Dimension is the creator of Cinema Intelligence, the first big data platform for the cinema industry, designed to optimize forecasting, planning and scheduling of movies and events proven to increase revenues. Cinema Intelligence is used by clients all over Europe from the Netherlands, Turkey and Germany. Share Dimension’s solution integrates and aggregates data from multiple sources based on complex proprietary machine learning algorithms and automatically generates optimized schedules, makes real-time adjustments and predicts showtime performance.

With internal knowledge and support from Microsoft Romania and its Asseco SEE partner, Share Dimension developed an SQL Azure based data warehouse that consolidates all data sources and apply complex data filtering and cleansing technologies. The Azure Machine Learning algorithms helped the company build its predictive analysis and forecasts algorithms.

Share Dimension managed to reduce the cinema schedule generation time from 30 minutes to just 30 seconds. Also, Microsoft Azure allows a 100% availability during the workload peaks of our Share Dimension clients. Moreover, Share Dimension uses Azure Active Directory in order to provide single sign-on (SSO) and state of the art two factor authentication and security to the clients.

Using Microsoft cloud and big data technology, Cinema Intelligence succeeds in delivering value to its customers. Share Dimension’s customers report several percentages increase in revenues, with outstanding return of investment of under 1 year. Cinema Intelligence contributes directly to business operational improvements and generates 4x faster movies scheduling, a very critical time saving for cinema exhibitors. Annually, Share Dimension estimates to save more than 180.000 Euro by using Microsoft Azure services instead of a traditional on-premises infrastructure.

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